Mayoral Candidate Cary Moon Not Endorsed by Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Moon pledges to refuse big corporate contributions, release questionnaires, personally match grassroots contributions

7/1/17: “Today I’m excited to announce that I’m not endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce. It’s not really surprising since, unlike the Chamber of Commerce, I support paid sick leave, secure scheduling, a living wage, requiring the wealthiest few and big corporations to pay their fair share, stopping sexual harassment of hotel housekeepers, and campaign finance reform.

I’m not a politician and I’m not beholden to special interests. I listen to the voters and to my core values of integrity and transparency. I helped pass Seattle’s campaign finance reform, which the Chamber of Commerce opposed. Unfortunately, mayoral candidates are not eligible for democracy vouchers this cycle.

So that’s why I’m doing two things today.

First, I’m pledging to match all grassroots contributions to my campaign, dollar for dollar, for May and June.  If you care enough about the future of Seattle to invest in my campaign, then I should do the same, and not accept contributions from big corporations.

Second, I’m releasing my questionnaires submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and I call on the Chamber’s endorsed candidate to do the same. You, the voters, should know what we’re saying to get, or not get, money and support from special interests and dark money.

Want to know where I stand on an issue? Just ask me.  I’ve proposed concrete solutions to Seattle’s biggest problems and you’ll always know exactly where I stand – on the side of Seattle’s future.”