Educators Union Endorses Cary Moon
Moon Supports Growing Access To Higher Education

RELEASE FOR: 8/28/2017

Seattle – Cary Moon welcomes the sole endorsement of SEIU 925, a union of 17,000 educators, child care providers and higher education workers at the University of Washington.

“Cary Moon is unafraid to think outside the box, and whether it’s addressing our housing crisis or growing affordable, union child care, we need that bold thinking from our next mayor,” said Karen Hart, President of SEIU 925. “The members of SEIU 925 are excited to endorse Cary Moon for Seattle’s next Mayor.”

Cary Moon also responded to calls from her opponent to grow existing free tuition and “Seattle’s Promise” programs for Seattle high school graduates.

“With Seattle’s escalating housing, living and tuition costs, education quickly is becoming out of reach,” said Cary Moon. “Seattle’s graduating and GED-earning public school students should have the opportunity to access the knowledge, skills and training they need to enter and succeed in the workforce through free tuition at community and technical colleges. But that’s not enough. We must:

  • secure new revenue for higher education that doesn’t hurt the very families we’re trying to help, which means having the courage to leverage progressive funding sources such as a statewide tax on capital gains for households earning more than $250,000 and a tax on luxury real estate;
  • invest in education from cradle to college, including providing equitable access to affordable and high quality child care, pre-K, and K-12 public education for all Seattle families; and
  • address inequity in Seattle education at its root causes, by addressing the conditions of unaffordable housing and racialized wealth inequality that so many families struggle with every day.”