Cary Moon’s Statement On Recent ICE Raids on Our Friends and Neighbors

9/29/17: “This morning I stood with hotel housekeepers, grocery clerks, janitors, and child care workers – many of whom are immigrants and refugees working long hours at tough jobs to support themselves and their families. Together we shared our common vision of a Seattle that’s affordable, livable, and open to all.

During that event in South Seattle, I got word that ICE was reporting it had detained 33 people from the Seattle area as part of deliberate raid on “sanctuary jurisdictions.” This raid was part of a massive coordinated attack to raise rumors and generate fear in sanctuary cities and welcoming cities. No matter the label, these are cities on the front lines of resisting this federal administration, declaring their intent to protect everyone against outdated immigration laws and the cruel enforcement tactics that separates families and keep vulnerable people living in the shadows. This kind of political theater uses people as props, is vindictive and cruel, and ultimately it is a direct threat to everyone’s public safety.

I want to be clear – Seattle must remain a welcoming city to all, no matter what. We will not be bullied into compromising our values as a city. The recent anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policy actions taken by the Trump Administration and the Justice Department are unconscionable. They make our neighbors feel insecure and fearful, disrupt families, and make it harder for victims of crime, domestic violence and sexual assault to come forward.

As Mayor I will stand up to this targeted, bullying behavior as well as ensure Seattle truly welcomes all. We are lucky to have had outstanding leadership by the Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez and organizations like ACRS, NW Immigrants Rights Project, CAIR-Washington, ACLU of Washington, One America, the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, and the Washington Dream Coalition.

Based off of the recommendations and work of these leading individuals and organizations, as Mayor, I would:

  • Create a regional convening with the Mayors of Kent, Tacoma, Bellingham & the King County Executive to determine who we can come together as a welcoming region.
  • Continue to support and adequately fund the Seattle-King County Immigrant Legal Defense Network.
  • Limit policing in schools, as many student discipline issues are better dealt with internally and creates additional risk of contact with ICE.
  • Convene a workgroup with Seattle Municipal Court to review court policies and practices to reduce exposing our neighbors to ICE, including diversion into low-level offenses.
  • Review SPD’s practice of collecting “country of birth” information from arrestees for purposes of arranging consular services, rather than asking arrestee if they would be interested in receiving consular services.
  • Examine how the “don’t ask” policy is implemented throughout the City and make adjustments as needed for appropriate exceptions and in the context of advanced technologies.

Our country and our city were built by communities working together – people of color, women, immigrants, and refugees are the fabric of what truly makes America great. Our societal and economic success is dependent on all of us being free, and given the opportunity to realize our full potential. Seattle’s prosperity should provide shared opportunity and success for everyone, no matter where you came from or how you got here.”