Hotel Housekeepers, Grocery Clerks, Janitors, and Child Care Providers Unite For Cary Moon For Mayor

9/29/17: Cary Moon is proud to announce support from service workers unions representing more than 20,000 hard working women and men in Seattle. UFCW 21 and Unite Here! Local 8 are joining SEIU6 and SEIU 925 in solely endorsing Cary Moon for Mayor of Seattle.

“I’m the only candidate for Mayor who is not taking money and support from the same corporate special interests that tried to block Seattle’s progress on workplace fairness and economic equity,” say Cary Moon.

Moon points to Seattle Ethics and Elections records showing that her opponent is relying on support and contributions from the same corporate special interests that tried to stop popular progressive Seattle initiatives including sexual harassment protections for hotel housekeepers (I-124), campaign finance reform (I-122), minimum wage and paid sick leave, and progressive tax reform (I-1098).

“The Seattle Hotel Association has sued the City to try and undo Initiative 124. When we asked Cary Moon to call on them to drop their lawsuit, she didn’t hesitate. She stood with hotel workers and stood up to the industry,” said food service worker Lucia Flugencio, member of Unite Here Local 8.

Earlier this month Cary Moon issued a bold agenda to further improve the working conditions of Seattleites. Her detailed plan includes:

  1. improving wage fairness for women and people of color through a ban on salary history demands, resuming pay data collection halted by the Trump Administration, stronger enforcement of Washington’s Equal Pay Act, and providing technical support for employers;
  2. balancing the scales for the modern-day worker through a Freelancer’s Bill of Rights and limits on non-compete clauses;
  3. empowering housekeepers and nannies, many of whom are women of color and immigrants, through a Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights.

“As the manager of our family’s small manufacturing business, I knew our company’s success depended on respecting and fully valuing the expertise and hard work of our employees. So I decided to make our 100 employees part owners of the company, increasing productivity, worker retention, and — most importantly — sharing the benefits of our collective labor.  I am ready to implement bold solutions that bring us toward a shared vision of living wages, access to affordable housing, equitable transit, and workplace health and safety rights for all Seattleites,” says Cary Moon.