Cary Moon Issues Open Letter to Seattle’s Small and Local Businesses,
Challenges Big Corporate Interests To Be Transparent

10/17/17: “The more large corporations own our city, the more it will feel like an office park and continue to become a city of haves and have nots. We need to listen to and support local business owners and operators,” says Cary Moon. “That’s why I’m releasing an open letter to Seattle’s local and small businesses outlining my vision and detailed plans to build a healthy, sustainable local economy in ways that support our entire business community, not just big corporations.”

Cary Moon also is calling on corporate interests to stop using the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s PAC, CASE, to help her opponent. Comcast, CenturyLink, Amazon, AT&T, and other large corporations are the most dominant funders of CASE, which has raised more than $1 million to date. In turn, CASE has been bankrolling an independent expenditure PAC, People for Jenny Durkan.

Because the pro-Durkan independent expenditure PAC is funded largely by CASE, a third party PAC, the public cannot directly see or exactly know which interests are behind its television ads, mail and other efforts.

“If big corporate interests want to fund a no-limit campaign for my opponent, they should do so with full transparency and accountability to the voters, and stop using our regional chamber of commerce as a smokescreen.”

In 2013, the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission fined CASE for concealing donations for a pro-Murray PAC. As the SeattleTimes recently noted, “among the companies and organizations giving to the chamber’s PAC this year are more than a dozen that may be barred from giving to Durkan directly due to the new Honest Elections Seattle laws.”

“As Mayor, I would work towards building a resilient and robust local economy: reliable, fast municipal broadband, commercial rent stabilization, affordable housing for our local workforce, strengthening paths to success for immigrant and people of color, reforming B&O taxes, and investing in better transit to help employees get to work on time.”

Cary Moon’s open letter to small and local businesses is posted here.