KIRO 7 Calls Out Durkan Campaign for Misleading Attack Ad

10/27/17: Last night KIRO 7’s Essex Porter took the unusual step of calling out an attack ad by the Jenny Durkan campaign that blatantly misrepresents his interview with Cary Moon. 

 The Durkan attack ad uses footage from the KIRO 7 interview to attack Cary Moon, deliberately misleading voters on Moon’s actual statements in the interview with deceptive edits, intentionally taking Moon’s words out of context. 

 “This is yet another desperate and ugly tactic by the Jenny Durkan campaign,” said Bre Weider, Communications Director for the campaign. “We call on the Jenny Durkan campaign to take down their false attack ad and run a clean, truthful campaign.”

 Earlier in the campaign, Jenny Durkan and her campaign made false claims about Cary Moon’s proposals to limit real estate speculation, calling her xenophobic. Weeks later Durkan flip flopped, adopting Moon’s proposal. 

 Durkan is the subject of a viral videonow with 32,000 views, showing her yanking the microphone out of the hands of forum moderator Sharon Maeda, a well respected community leader and director at KVRU.

 Durkan’s corporate supporters are also attacking Moon, including a half a million ad buy that makes false claims about Moon’s policy positions on housing affordability and homelessness.