Cary Moon Details Police Reform and Restorative Justice Blueprint

10/28/17: As part of her plan to combat Seattle’s racial inequity, Cary Moon is releasing her detailed blueprint to implement police reform, accountability, and restorative justice as Mayor. As a post on Medium, Cary Moon shares her detailed plans and actions to achieve lasting change through comprehensive police reform and restorative justice.

Comprehensive Police Reform & Accountability

“Lasting change requires firm and consistent leadership from the Mayor, full transparency, effective accountability systems, and authentic commitment at all levels of the police department. Success will depend on all four entities doing their part: the Seattle Police Department, the Community Police Commission, the Office of Inspector General, and the Office of Police Accountability. Imagine the outcome: all residents of Seattle can feel safe knowing they are protected by the most skillful, least violent police force in the country.”

Cary Moon’s specific plans include:

  1. Support funding and resources for the Community Police Commission, Office of Inspector General and the Office of Police Accountability.
  2. Find a way forward in negotiations with SPOG and SPMA without sacrificing constitutional policing and community trust.
  3. Include the policy goals of I-940 in our city’s legislative agenda in Olympia.
  4. Continue to pursue pre-filing diversion efforts, expand the LEAD program.

Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline

“We know the justice system disproportionately incarcerates youth of color at at four times the rate of their white peers. This racial disparity is unacceptable, yet we are still investing public resources in a system that focuses on incarceration instead of rehabilitation. This approach is deeply damaging to young people and their families and communities, and is ineffective and costly. We must reprioritize our funding if we are serious about achieving zero youth detention and helping young people transition to adulthood. The City has made a commitment to eliminate the need to detain or incarcerate youth through the creation of a Criminal Justice Equity Team, through Resolution 31614, yet the Murray Administration did not fulfill this promise.”

Cary Moon’s specific plans include:

  1. Fulfill the promise of Resolution 31614 by immediately convening the Criminal Justice Equity Team (CJET).
  2. Collaborate, via the Office for Civil Rights, with the the County, the Seattle City Attorney, and City Council to implement the pre-filing diversion program.
  3. Work with the County to resolve the conflict around the proposed youth jail.

Stop Criminalizing Poverty

“No one should be jailed, or go back to jail, because of poverty. Yet that is what is happening. 90% of people booked into custody are indigent[2] — meaning these are the people who lack basic resources like food or shelter. If someone is unable to find work and unable to find housing due to a felony record, many will just go back to the crimes that put them into prison in the first place, leading to an endless cycle of recidivism. Let us compassionately consider the harmful impacts of incarceration on individuals, families and communities, and pursue the least damaging alternatives.”

Cary Moon’s specific plans include:

  1. Develop robust pre-trial services that successfully get people to show up for their court date.
  2. Utilize our Racial Equity Toolkit to explore options of support services for those entering the court system, during incarceration and upon release.
  3. Work with the Seattle Municipal Court to move from a cash-bail system to an appearance bond model.

Expanding Services to Victims of Crimes

“As Mayor, I will collaborate with community and government actors to break the cycle of our prison industrial complex. Part of that vision must also include addressing the far reaching impacts of sexual and gender based violence. I applaud the recent executive order taken by Mayor Burgess to enhance cross agency collaboration and provide support to underserved groups. We must continue to monitor this work and ask the question of who we can help assist with resources to provide services for survivors.”

Cary Moon’s specific plans include:

  1. Deliver on the commitment to expand person-centered intervention services for adult and child survivors of sexual abuse.
  2. Build on the leading work done through the LGBTQ Access Project.
  3. Establish culturally sensitive outreach trainings for first-responders to better reach populations reluctant to come forward to report crimes.
  4. Ensure we are fulfilling our commitment to test all sexual assault evidence kits.

“Strong communities depend on trust, and the ability to walk through life freely and without fear. We can only create these strong, healthy communities by doing the hard work of changing the culture in every facet of the criminal justice system. We must establish second chances for young people who have made bad choices. We must stop criminalizing poverty in this time of extreme wealth inequality, and increase real opportunities for low income neighbors. We must keep at police reform until we all feel safe, respected, and secure in our rights. In our country there are centuries of racial injustice baked into our criminal justice system, and it will take everyone’s work to dismantle and rebuild a truly just alternative.”