Guiding Principles

As Mayor, I will uphold the following principles

  • Inclusive Leadership: I believe in an inclusive and welcoming Seattle, and I am committed to justice, equity and sharing power across race and class and gender. As Mayor, my leadership team will be at least half women, LGBTQ and people of color.
  • Accountability: I will spend the first six months working in coalition with leaders inside and outside city government to develop a shared vision and action agenda and commit to reporting back to citizens on ongoing progress.
  • Balanced Access: Only one day a week on my calendar will be available to big businesses. The others will be reserved for citizens, small businesses, and community groups. City leadership must be accountable to future generations and the public good over the interests of large corporations.
  • Creative Invention: I will invite artists, writers, inventors, historians, futurists and young people to contribute ideas, learn from one another and experiment with new approaches to our civic challenges and our city’s future.
  • Collaboration: Transformative ideas can come from anyone, and the combined knowledge and commitment of the public employees of the City of Seattle is a valuable resource. The scale of our shared challenge requires we work together with openness and respect.